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Big Concert

Coffee & Business

Outdoor cafes and

laptops tell the story.

When it's coffee time, it almost is always business time. Uploading, Emailing, Downloading, Eating healthy food and connecting with others with like and varying different lifestyles, cultures, faith traditions / spirituality, and know that we are all connected.

Wall of Old Records

Music & Marketing

Dream Big & Remember to Laugh.

When we hear music, we hear the universe. When we connect with musicians we are connecting with the Divine. We we sing our song, we are engaging in the law of attraction and know that we know that we know. Life is for the living, and Death is for the dying. Be true to yourself.

Crowd at a Concert

Travel & Blogging

Learning, Educating, and Encouragement.

When we pack, we think that the stuff we are taking with us can and may be left behind. When we board the plane we know we are embarking on a new adventure.  When we write about what is within us, around us, and what we experience within and without, we take a deep breath and know that we are powerful and awesome.