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Northern California

From getting on the plane in Chicago to landing at the San Francisco Airport - wow, a nice trip recently. LA is nice and San Francisco is where my heart is.

As the song says: "I left my heart in San Francisco". From the 70's and Haight/Ashbury to the Golden Gate Bridge and Oakland - the University of California, Berkley...California is a fun place to visit and travel.

There is more to come. This is just the beginning of the DREAM BLOG.

We will be backtracking and sharing more of the travels and escapades of the Dream Team of Delved In Dreams, Inc.

We are living the dream, trying to expect that the dreams of others will be realized as well.

Music is the heartbeat of the soul. Life is more than existence, and more that "work away today, work away tomorrow"; as the Moody Blues put is so many years ago.

From Indiana to England to Scotland, to Ireland. From Belgium to Amsterdam to Germany and even New Zealand - Delved In Dreams have been globetrotting and we will be sharing some of those "dreams come true" in the blogs ahead, so Stay tuned to the Dream Station, here at


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