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Catching Up with Delved In Dreams

Wow...Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Protests (and Riots, Js) - its been awhile since I have blogged for our fans and artists...(please understand that sometimes our creative juices seem to dry up - not that they are gone of course)... Still Dreaming,.

We went to Tampa/Clearwater area sometime ago, and Pam said: "I just don't feel right, and she also declined to walk on the boardwalk (those that know her - this is not like her); when we returned - a short time later she was told that she needed to have open-heart (bypass) surgery. To say the least this was a touch and go moment for many in the family / friends (no little things right?)

Then went to Niagara Falls - yes, that's right (Memorial Day Weekend 2020)... Will share more later...Stay tuned.


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